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Ice Storm

December 16, 2008

Last week we had a storm. Several inches of rain fell, which would not have been to bad by itself, but, in the middle of the night the temperature fell below freezing. The ice started building up on the trees, and because of the amount of rain the ice became thick. The trees broke. This caused massive power outages as they fell on power lines. I think the total in the three states here of customers without power was in the neighborhood of 1/2 to 3/4 of a million residences. We lost power on thursday night. We got it back late saturday. I told my kids to pretend that we were camping out. The house kept relatively warm but towards dark on saturday it was below 60 inside the house. I know people who may not get power back for several weeks.

My granddaughter was born a year ago in the middle of a surprise 12″ snowstorm. This year her 1st birthday was celebrated by not having power and sub freezing temperatures outside. I wonder what she has planned for us next year?


I think she enjoyed her cake!